Travel Editing

Aoraki / Mt Cook

I specialise in copy editing and proofreading travel, adventure, and mountaineering narratives.

My aim is to help you tell your story while not altering your ‘voice’. I approach my work with enthusiasm and empathy, pointing out what’s working, as well as what could be improved. When something you write makes me laugh or gasp or tear up, I’ll tell you!

What is copy editing?

Copy editing involves reading through the work for style and consistency, as well as spelling and grammar. Changes or suggestions are made on a sentence by sentence, or paragraph by paragraph level.

See what copy editing looks like.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading checks for spelling and grammar mistakes, missing punctuation, and formatting errors such as line spacing and paragraph breaks. It is the final step before publication.

What’s involved?

I ask for a sample of your work so we can both get an idea of what the project involves. From the sample, you will see the type of changes and comments I make and whether we will be a good fit.

I use Word’s track changes feature and comment bubbles to make changes and suggestions so you can accept or reject as you like. I provide a style guide built around your story to help you maintain spelling and formatting consistency. I also provide a comprehensive editorial report that goes into more detail about the changes and suggestions I have made.

Once I’ve sent your work back to you, we can discuss any comments or questions you may have.

Find out more about the different types of editing.

Editing is not all about fixing mistakes or correcting grammar. Editing is about working with you to hone your story and polish it to a shine.

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Deborah’s help has been amazing and so encouraging, despite my chaotic disarray on all levels! Deborah is a true professional full of great ideas and help, not to mention a guru at grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Without Deborah’s amazing help my book Chasing Tigers would never have been as good. That’s a fact. She’s so damn good that I’ve already hired her awesome services for my future book projects.

Stu Tripney