How to use apostrophes

In this article I will show you how to use apostrophes to indicate missing letters and possession, and how they are used with years, time, Māori words, and abbreviations.

How to punctuate dialogue

Following punctuation conventions when writing dialogue will give your readers a smooth reading experience. When done well, punctuation silently guides the reader so they can concentrate on what your characters are saying.

What are style guides and style sheets? (And do I need one?)

Style guides are tools editors use to help ensure consistency throughout your novel, thesis, or document.

Style sheets are tailored to a specific project. They condense the most important parts of a style guide into a user friendly document.

How to proofread your own work

You don’t always have the time or luxury to pay for a proofreader so here are two tips to help you proofread your own work: listening and checklists.


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